錢膺仁 (男)   副教授
     Chien, Ying-Ren

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國別 畢肄業學校 主修學門系所 學位
台灣 國立台灣大學 電信工程 博士


服務機關 服務部門/系所 職稱 起迄年月
中山科學研究院 系統維護中心 助理研究員 22010~012/02
中央研究院 資訊創新中心 博士後研究員 2009/08~2010
中華電信數據分公司 公眾數據處 專員 2001/9~2009/6


可適性訊號處理 物聯網技術應用 機器學習應用
2011 通訊系統模擬:System Vue 使用入門錢膺仁王聖賢全華圖書
2018 Impact of Jamming Attack on Galileo ReceiversYing-Ren ChienPo-Yu ChenJournal of Computers vol. 29, no. 1 11010 EI
2018 A Multilayer Perceptron-Based Impulsive Noise Detector with Application to Power-Line-Based Sensor NetworksYing-Ren ChienJie-Wei Chen, Sendren Sheng-Dong XuIEEE Access vol. 6 217782178710 SCI
2018 Off-line evaluation of mobile-centric indoor positioning systems: The experiences from the 2017 IPIN competitionJoaquín Torres-SospedraAntonio R Jiménez, Adriano Moreira, Tomás Lungenstrass, Wei-Chung Lu, Stefan Knauth, Germán Martín Mendoza-Silva, Fernando Seco, Antoni Pérez-Navarro, Maria João Nicolau, António Costa, Filipe Meneses, Joaquín Farina, Juan Pablo Morales, Wen-Chen Lu, Ho-Ti Cheng, Shi-Shen Yang, Shih-Hau Fang, Ying-Ren Chien, Yu TsaoSensors vol. 18, no. 2 12727 SCI
2018 Convex Combined Adaptive Filtering Algorithm for Acoustic Echo Cancellation in Hostile EnvironmentsYing-Ren ChienJin Li-YouIEEE Access vol. 6 161381614811 SCI
2018 An RFID-Based Smart Nest Box: An Experimental Study of Laying Performance and Behavior of Individual HensYing-Ren ChienYu-Xian ChenSensors vol. 18, no. 3 11111 SCI
2018 Wavelet-packet-transform-based Anti-jamming Scheme with New Threshold Selection Algorithm for GPS ReceiversYing-Ren ChienJournal of the Chinese Institute of Engineers vol. 41, no. 3 1811855 SCI
2018 Exploiting Sensed Radio Strength and Precipitation for Improved Distance EstimationSH FangSH Fang, YC Cheng, YR ChienIEEE Sensors Journal vol. 18, no. 16 6863687311 SCI
2017 改進的向量空間可適性濾波器用於聲學回聲消除Jin Li-YouYu Tsao, Ying-Ren ChienInternational Journal of Computational Linguistics and Chinese Language Processing vol. 22, no. 2 476216 其他
2017 Novel Anti-Jamming Algorithm for GNSS Receivers Using Wavelet-Packet-Transform-Based Adaptive PredictorsYing-Ren ChienPo-Yu Chen, Shih-Hau FangIEICE TRANSACTIONS on Fundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences vol. 100 no. 2 602610  SCI
2016 UNAMBIGUOUS GALILEO ACQUISITION USING BINARY PHASE-SHIFT KEYING-LIKE PARALLEL SHIFT-AND-COMBINE METHODWEI-LUNG MAOCHUNG-WEN HUNG, YING-REN CHIENICIC express letters. Part B, Applications: an international journal of research and surveys vol.7 no.5 10131022  SCI
2015 Design of GPS Anti-Jamming Systems Using Adaptive Notch FiltersY-R Chien IEEE SYSTEM JOURNALS vol.9 no.2 451460  SCI
2015 Iterative Channel Estimation and Impulsive Noise Mitigation Algorithm for OFDM-based Receivers with Application to Power-Line CommunicationsYing-Ren Chien IEEE Trans Power Delivery vol.30 no.6 24352442  SCI
2015 Rapid Converging M-Max Partial Update Least Mean Square Algorithms with New Variable Step-Size MethodsJin Li-YouYing-Ren Chien, Yu TsaoIEICE Transactions on Fundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences vol. 98 no.12 26502657  SCI
2014 A particle swarm optimization based support vector machine for digital communication equalizersZEYOU LICHIWEN LI, YING-REN CHIENWSEAS TRANSACTIONS ON SIGNAL PROCESSING vol.10 106116  SCI
2014 Utilization of balanced detection with optical hard-limiters in T/W OCDMA systemMaw-Yang LiuYing-Ren Chien, Zhi-Wei WangOptik-International Journal for Light and Electron Optics vol.125 no.15 41134119  SCI
2014 A Fast Converging Partial Update LMS Algorithm with Random Combining StrategyYing-Ren ChienShao-I ChuCircuits, Systems, and Signal Processing vol.33 no.6 18831898  SCI
2013 Hybrid successive continuous wave interference cancellation scheme for global positioning system receiversYing-Ren Chien The Journal of Engineering vol.1 no.1 18  SCI
2013 Switching-based variable step-size approach for partial update LMS algorithmsY-R ChienW-J TsengElectronics Letters vol.49 no.17 10811083  SCI
2013 Development of an Field-Programmable Gate Arrays-Based Three-Wheeled Omnidirectional Sensor Mobile Robot for the Teaching of Embedded RoboticsTer-Feng WuHsu-Chih Huang, Ying-Ren ChienSensor Letters vol.11 no.11 21452148  SCI
2011 New adaptive all-pass based notch filter for narrowband/FM anti-jamming GPS receiversWei-Lung MaoWann-Jiun Ma, Ying-Ren Chien, Chia-Hao KuCircuits, Systems, and Signal Processing vol.30 no.3 527542  SCI
2010 Design of a robust multi-channel timing recovery system with imperfect channel state information for 10GBASE-TYing-Ren ChienWei-Lung Mao, Hen-Wai TsaoIEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I: Regular Papers vol.57 no.4 886896  SCI
2009 Adaptive two-stage equalisation and FEXT cancellation architecture for 10GBASE-T systemY-R ChienH-W Tsao, W-L MaoIET communications vol.3 no.7 11241135  SCI
2008 A novel baud-rate timing error detector design for baseband transmission system using Tomlinson-Harashima precoderYing-Ren ChienWei-Lung Mao, Hen-Wai TsaoIEEE Signal Processing Letters vol.15 673676  SCI
2019 基於機器學習在校園用電量預測施博智錢膺仁Information Technology and Applications in Outlying Islands 台中
2018 影像處理在教學評量試題分析上的運用-顏色特徵的提取林志學錢膺仁全國電信研討會 淡水台灣
2018 SVM演算法應用於單導程心電圖PVC分類之研究楊適申錢膺仁全國電信研討會 淡水台灣
2018 壓縮感知式之脈衝干擾消除機制於窄頻電力線通訊系統之可行性研究呂少航錢膺仁, 徐勝均2018全國電信研討會 淡水台灣
2018 Compensation of SNR Degradation Caused by Nonlinearity of the Phase Interpolator in a Frequency-Domain Echo CancellerSheng-Sian WangYing-Ren Chien, Hen-Wai Tsao2018 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS) Florence, Italy
2018 Affine Projection Sign Algorithms with Adaptive Regularization ParameterYing-Ren ChienRong-Sian LaiGlobal Conference on Engineering and Applied Science Tokyo, Japan
2017 Real-time vision system for nighttime vehicle detectionChih-Hsien HsiaYan Kong, Yang-Ke Lin, Ying-Ren Chien2017 IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics-Taiwan (ICCE-TW) Taipei, Taiwan
2017 Performance Assessment Under Different Impulsive Noise Models for Narrowband Powerline CommunicationsYu-Xain ChenRong-Sian Lai, Shao-Hang Lu, Ying-Ren ChienInternational Conference on Frontier Computing Osaka, Japan
2016 A study of impulsive noise immunity for wavelet-OFDM-based power line communicationsHao-Chun YuYing-Ren Chien, Hen-Wai TsaoCommunication Problem-Solving (ICCP), 2016 International Conference On
2016 Chirp-Like Jamming Mitigation for GPS Receivers Using Wavelet-Packet-Transform-Assisted Adaptive FiltersYi-En ChenYing-Ren Chien, Hen-Wai TsaoComputer Symposium (ICS), 2016 International
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2015 Wavelet-packet-transform-based adaptive predictor to mitigate GNSS jammersYing-Ren ChienPo-Yu ChenWavelet Analysis and Pattern Recognition (ICWAPR), 2015 International Conference on
2015 Signal-quality-aware impulsive noise mitigation for OFDM-based power-line communicationsYing-Ren ChienYi-Wu Chen, Hen-Wai TsaoConsumer Electronics-Taiwan (ICCE-TW), 2015 IEEE International Conference on
2015 Wavelet-packet-transform-based adaptive predictor to mitigate GNSS jammersYing-Ren Chien Po-Yu ChenWavelet Analysis and Pattern Recognition (ICWAPR), 2015 International Conference on
2015 Arduino自動料號判別遠端圖形分散式監控系統:以電鍍生產線設計為例錢膺仁曾賀鑫網路智能與應用研討會
2015 適用於伽利略衛星導航接收機之含頻外掃頻干擾消除機制研究陳柏宇錢膺仁網路智能與應用研討會
2015 脈衝雜訊對可適性濾波器使用於聲學回聲消除的影響李尤進錢膺仁網路智能與應用研討會
2015 可抗脈衝雜訊之仿射組合可適性回聲消除演算法李尤進錢膺仁全國電信研討會
2015 適用於工業電鍍生產線之數控圖形分散式監控系統曾賀鑫錢膺仁中華民國第二十三屆模糊理論及其應用研討會
2015 基於小波分析之掃頻干擾消除機制研究: 以伽利略衛星導航接收機為例陳柏宇李尤進、錢膺仁民生電子研討會
2014 An experimental study of MEMS-based magnetometers on Android mobile phonesFan-Yu SungShih-Hau Fang, Ying-Ren ChienConsumer Electronics-Taiwan (ICCE-TW), 2014 IEEE International Conference on
2014 A new variable step-size method for the M-max LMS algorithmsYing-Ren ChienWei-Jiun TsengConsumer Electronics-Taiwan (ICCE-TW), 2014 IEEE International Conference on
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2014 Impact of jamming excisor on the tracking loops for GPS receiversYing-Ren ChienChi-Hsiao Chen, Po-Yu Chen, Hen-Wai TsaoSICE Annual Conference (SICE), 2014 Proceedings of the
2014 伽利略導航接收機干擾源之頻域消除機制研究陳柏宇錢膺仁模糊理論及其應用研討會
2013 Employment of 2-D RLL precoder and optical hard-limiter in optical CDMA systemMaw-Yang LiuJoe-Air Jiang, Ying-Ren Chien, Ting-Lin Wang, Dar-Der ChenTENCON 2013-2013 IEEE Region 10 Conference (31194)
2013 使用交換式可變步階函數在部分更新最小均方演算法曾威竣錢膺仁模糊理論及其應用研討會
2011 A study of bilateral settlement game for differentiated qualitative services networksYing-Ren ChienChien-Sheng Chen, Wen-Hsiung LiuAdvanced Communication Technology (ICACT), 2011 13th International Conference on
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2006 A novel transmitter-side-based far-end crosstalk cancellation for 10GBASE-TYing-Ren ChienHen-Wai TsaoCommunication Technology, 2006. ICCT'06. International Conference on
2019 以毫米波雷達為基礎之生命徵兆偵測系統研發 主持人 錢膺仁電機工程學系富智康國際股份有限公司2019/06/012020/05/31800,000
2018 合作學習與BOPPPS有效教學模組導入「計算機程式」教學之教學實務研究 主持人 錢膺仁 教育部2018/08/012019/07/31150,000
2017 10GBASE-T乙太網路晶片通帶內射頻干擾消除機制及分時平行式類比數位轉換器非理想效應消除機制 主持人 錢膺仁電機工程學系瑞昱半導體公司2017/04/012017/09/30152,000
2017 複雜環境下組合式可適性濾波演算法設計:以聲學回聲消除應用為例 主持人 錢膺仁電機工程學系科技部2017/08/012018/07/31649,000
2017 應用於衛星接收機抗干擾演算法之小波包去躁臨界值設計 主持人 錢膺仁 陳振毅電機工程學系科技部2017/07/012018/02/2848,000
2016 時變正規化參數可適性濾波演算法設計:以回聲消除應用為例 主持人 錢膺仁 賴蓉嫻電機工程學系科技部2016/07/012017/02/2848,000
2015 適用於小波轉換正交分頻多工技術之電力線通訊可適性接收機設計 主持人 錢膺仁電機工程學系(所)科技部2015/08/012016/07/31607,000
2014 可抗高脈衝干擾之電力線收發機設計與實作 主持人 錢膺仁電機工程學系科技部2014/08/012015/07/31581,000
2013 適用於GPS/Galileo 雙頻接收機之低FFT點數混合式抗干擾架構設計 主持人 錢膺仁電機工程學系行政院國家科學委員會2013/08/012014/09/30681,000
2012 適用於高速乙太網路收發機之低運算複雜度可適性濾波演算法研究 主持人 錢膺仁電機工程學系行政院國家科學委員會2012/05/012013/07/31577,000
一種仿射組合的回聲消除方法與系統錢膺仁、李尤進、曹昱中華民國 2016/05/25 2018/05/21 2036/05/24
以切換式為基礎的時變步階演算裝置及其使用方法錢膺仁、曾威竣中華民國 2014/01/02 2016/04/11 2034/01/01